Digestive System Diseases
Four inductors (fig. 11) are used. Two inductors (L3, L4) are located paravertebrally at the level of the tenth segment of a spine column. Other two inductors (L1, L2) are set in the epigastrium area and the pyloroduodenal area. The feedback sensor is located in the shoulder girdle area on the right (A1) or in the area of the bottom edge of a costal arch on the right (A2). Exposure time - 12 minutes, 8-10 sessions.
Fig. 1. The inductors and the feedback sensor location for stomach, duodenum and liver diseases.
Chronic Gastritis, Non-acute Gastric Ulcer, Chronic Duodenitis, Non-acute Duodenal Ulcer, Hypomotor-type Bile Passages Dyskenesia