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We are engaged in Gefestus device manufacture and perfection ten years and are glad to offer it to you.

The 'Gefestus' device for biologically regulated, low frequency magnetic therapy

Is designed for therapy in accordance with individual human characteristics as well as a disease course, in real time, using an automatic dynamic biological FEEDBACK. The PHYSIOLOGICAL MECHANISM is based on managing tissue metabolism and microcirculation by means of a pulsatory complex-modulated magnetic field. Persistent anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects have been provided by a system of biological regulation through FEEDBACK.

Any cells of an organism can respond to influences of physical agents. However, the lower the intensity of influences the greater role of high-sensitive systems in responding. No doubt, a physical agent influence is first of all perceived by specific receptors. They have formed specific responses whose energy has hugely exceeded the level of influence energy. Biologically managed magnetic therapy using the 'Gefestus' device activates lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, increases blood flow, provides lymphatic drainage of different parts of the body, stimulates metabolism of all layers of the skin, increases muscle contractility, reduces fatigue of the organism. The 'Gefestus' device is effective in patients with various diseases and designed to be used in policlinics, ambulatory care settings, hospitals, sanatoria, and other therapeutic and prophylactic organizations, rehabilitation centers, cosmetic salons, aerobics and fitness centers, sport and health centers, by sportsmen of different specialization.

The device provides a managed therapeutic process by means of pulsate complexly-modulated magnetic field and automatic adjustment of its characteristics using involvement of an underlying tissue site into the oscillatory circuit. Dynamics of underlying tissue impedance has automatically adjusted the characteristics of magnetic field. The physiological mechanism of influence has been based on biological regulation of metabolic processes and microcirculation in tissues of the organs by means of pulsate complexly-modulated magnetic field; during this process, steady anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects have been provided, and a system of feedback biological regulation using analysis of parameters of a response signal appropriate to a functional state of the organ has been employed.

Treating diseases of the vascular system (lymphatic stasis, lymphatic-venous insufficiency, endarteritis obliterans and obliterating atherosclerosis),

orthopedic diseases (arthritis, arthrosis- arthritis, osteochondrosis, posttraumatic states), pediatric infections (rhinitis, laryngotracheitis, bronchitis),

diseases of the peripheral nervous system (neuritis, radiculitis, lumbo-ischial pain),

skin diseases (kerato-dermia, neuro-dermatosis, skin itch, urticaria, blackhead eruption),

diseases of teeth and mouth, gynecological diseases.

Is employed in treatment of prostatitis, cystitis, and other urological diseases.

The 'Gefestus' device can be used in treating patients:

- with diseases of the circulation system (ischemic heart disease, effort angina pectoris of I-II functional classes, hypertension of I-II stages)

- with congenital muscular dystrophy which appears as a result of affecting peripheral motor nerves (poliomyelitis, polyneuritis, plexitis, radicle neuritis, traumatic neuritis, osteochondrosis with considerable radicle syndrome, cerebral paralysis);

- with flaccid paralysis accompanied by pain syndrome and significant trophic disorders; diseases and traumatic injuries of joints;

- with diseases and traumas of the bone-muscular system (bruise, ligament damage, bone fractures after immobilization);

- with vasospasms , endarteritis obliterans, the Raynaud syndrome; - with gastroenterological diseases (chronic gastritis, biliary dyskinesia, atonic or spastic colitis);

- with inflammatory gynecological diseases (salpingo-oophoritis, erosion of the cervix uteri), mastitis;

- with inflammatory degenerative-dystrophic diseases of joints combined with marked pain syndrome (arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis, epicondylitis);

- with diseases of the otolaryngological organs, eyes, mouth; - with scleroderma and trophic ulcers.

Is effectively used to provide cosmetic magnetic massage of the face and the body, and to increase the elasticity of the skin and improve its color.

The therapies have been protected by Russian Federation patents 2,038,101 (registered on June 27, 1995); 1,731,238 (registered on August 19, 1993); 2,072,877 (registered on February 10, 1997); 2,080,820 (registered on June 10, 1997); 2,119,360 (registered on October 27, 1998). The medical-biological technology of treatment developed by Prof. Ban'kov in Ural State Medical Academy has been awarded a Category I Diploma of the Russian Federation Health Minister. The therapeutic methods have been created by Prof. Ponomarenko, Chief Physiotherapist of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Manufacturing the device has been approved by the Russian Ministry of Health. The device is certified. The certificate is РОСС RU.АИ16.B01499. The state registration number is 29/06070901/3395-02 of April 15, 2002.

Advantages of the device:

1 The amount of contraindications (side-effects), as compared to other 'home- doctor' devices, is markedly lesser. Combination of a 'soft' influence and a high result.

2 There is no adaptation to magnetic impulses characteristic only of this device, individual for each person, and depending on his/her health status.

3 Therapeutic pulsatory magnetic field has immediately influenced the ill organs, not reflex points, what has markedly increased the effectiveness of influence.

4 Chronic diseases are reliably treated. Disease is treated, not its symptoms only.

The device was approbated in the following organizations: Military Medical Academy, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia; Moscow Regional Research Institute, Moscow, Russia; Medical-Dental University, Moscow, Russia.


Magnetic induction at the inductors' working surface - not more than 12 mT.

The range of impulse frequency - 20 to 250 Hz.

The frequency of modulating impulses - 0.5 to 0.8 Hz. Supply - 12 V; using an adapter.

Input power - not more than 12 W. Dimensions of the control unit: 160mm x 60mm x 41mm.

Device mass - not more than 800 g. Mass of device with accessories - not more than 1.5 kg.

The 'Gefestus' device for biologically regulated, low frequency magnetic therapy is equipment of the great importance and vital necessity (according to the Expanded List of Vital and Necessary Medical Equipment). Here you can find the device specifications.

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